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"Your hair is a window to your age and how healthy and young you look directly impacts how people see and act around you."

Over 100 million Americans will experience hair thinning, hair loss, or balding in their lifetime. You are not alone. Individuals with pattern thinning can lose over 150 hairs per day; once these hairs are lost it can take months for them to grow back. Using an early hair loss treatment option is the best strategy. Being in the cosmetics care field for over 10 years, we have been constantly researching for inexpensive and non-invasive ways to slow down and reverse the signs of aging hair. Our mission is simple, to return a sense of confidence to our customers.

What is Follipur?

Follipur radically improves the appearance and fullness of your hair in a matter of few weeks. This simple and proven hair regrowth treatment restores your hair's vitality from the root by penetrating deeper into the follicle to naturally regenerate your hair and nourish it at the highest level.

Follipur International was born out of the vision to bring the power of nature and science together to produce a range of hair care products that are changing the dynamics of the industry. Our exploration of alternative treatments began with the idea that nature always holds an inexpensive solution to problems associated with aging. This culminated in the discovery of a natural solution that effectively works on all hair types reversing aging, thinning, and hair-loss concerns with astonishing results.

Our Mission

Our philosophy is simple: Breakthrough Formulas. Budget Friendly Solutions. Incredible Results.

Our mission is to bring you a regrowth solution that erases all your hair care concerns and transforms the look of your hair by restoring its youthful volume and glow. We are devoted to helping you feel like the best version of yourself and every product at Follipur International is formulated to assist you in achieving that.

Follipur's Innovation

Follipur's efficacy is a result of our powerful and reliable hair care ingredients that are carefully combined through phytochemistry to bring out the most promising results.

Some of the powerful ingredients are:

Message From Our Head Chemist

Are you tired of trying expensive hair regrowth products and looking for a better solution?

Look no further.

I bring you, Follipur Hair Regrowth Treatment - with high quality all natural ingredients for thicker and revitalized hair.

Our highly effective formula penetrates deep into the scalp, fights the root cause of hair-loss and transforms the follicle from a dormant to an active growth stage.

The 4- step hair care routine includes Follipur Hair Regrowth Treatment, Follipur Enhanced Hair Nutrition, Follipur Natural Argan Oil and the Follipur Recovery Shampoo and Conditioner Combo that all work together to rejuvenate your hair and scalp stimulating hair growth at the root.

Within few weeks of use, you'll notice new hair growth, gradually improving over time, leaving you with a fuller, thicker, radiant head of hair.

I am confident Follipur will give you the desired results. If you are ever not happy with the results you have my promise for full 30 day money back guarantee no questions asked.

Follipur 4- step hair regrowth routine is the solution! Say 'adios' to thinning and brittle hair and say 'hello' to a more youthful and radiant YOU!

Follipur - the potent solution against all signs of aging hair!

Richard Caraway
Head Chemist
Follipur Labs

Follipur's efficacy is a result of our powerful and reliable hair care ingredients that are carefully combined through phytochemistry to bring out the most promising results.

Some of the powerful ingredients are:


AnaGain is a completely organic product derived from the Pisum Sativum sprout extract occurring naturally in nature. This extract protects plants against diseases, damage, pathogens, ultra violet light, and pollutants. AnaGain has been shown to slow down and often stop hair loss while stimulating the growth of new hair. As we age hair can move from it’s growing phase called anagen to a resting phase called telogen. AnaGain works by moving dormant hair back into the growing phase, increasing thickness and density over time.


Natural Keratin production is an important and integral part of healthy hair growth. In addition to thickening and strengthening hair, Biotin-B7 promotes hair growth by giving your body the coenzymes it needs to kick-start new growth. Being a completely water-soluble biologically active ingredient, this powerful enzyme lets your body optimize its natural keratin production and work wonders on your hair.

Hydrolized Collagen

Your scalp and hair need assistance to stimulate new growth while increasing the density and production of collagen. Hydrolized Collagen can help your scalp regenerate and stay healthy creating an ideal environment for new hair growth. This amazing ingredient increases moisture and helps hair appear smoother, glossier and more radiant.

Natural Argan Oil

A new twist on an ancient remedy. Made from the Argan Tree (argania spinose) which is only found in a small corner of Africa, Argan Oil in it's purest form can be a very powerful remedy for frizzy and brittle hair. Phoenicians in as early as 1550 B.C. have recorded the use of Argan Oil to heal and beautify their bodies. Fast forward 3500 years later and Follipur has adapted this potent natural remedy as an important step in the journey towards a new youthful look.

Introducing Follipur's 4 Step
Hair Regrowth Routine

While Follipur's Hair Regrowth Treatment with AnaGain is enough to bring back your hair's youthful appearance, the complete process of hair regrowth involves following 5 steps that together ensure a healthier, volumized and full head of hair.


Our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Still not sure? We provide a 30 day full refund policy to ensure that you are happy with our products.

  • We promise to use the highest quality ingredients for efficiency.
  • Our team continues to source plants and herbs that thrive in extreme conditions with exceptional regrowth properties.
  • Combining these ingredients with the latest advances in cosmetic manufacturing, Follipur has produced the ultimate hair regrowth treatment.
  • Follipur's strategic partners (suppliers/stakeholders) are all ethically sound, practice GMP, uphold labor laws, and never test on animals.
  • 100% money back guarantee upon return of the product within 30 days.

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